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Welcome to Forest Lakes Nursery!

Forest Lakes Nusery is run out of Northern California, and strives to bring you the best-quality plants at the lowest prices possible. We're here to help you on your way to a happy gardening experience.

About Us

Forest Lakes Nursery is one of the premiere sources for unique plants, be they conifers, perennials, or groundcovers. We don't grow anything we don't personally like.

Forest Lakes Nursery is owned and operated by Steven and Julia Roper. The nursery started off as a hobby for Steven Roper in 1996 in the Santa Cruz mountains of California. At first, the nursery sold at local flea and farmer's markets, but later expanded into the online realm of eBay. In 2003, the nursery relocated to the Northern California town of Fortuna, where it now covers over 3 acres of land. The nursery also expanded into the realm of meat, and now sells grass-fed beef, pig, goat, and lamb at farmer's markets around Humboldt County.

Forest Lakes Nursery is located just outside the city limits of sunny Fortuna, CA on a cliff over looking the Eel River Valley, with a view of the breaking waves of the Pacific Ocean. The hill we are located on experiences gale-force winds on a regular basis, so all of the plants we grow have to be sturdy and wind-resistant. We halso have a small herd of deer, so many of our plants are deer-resistant.

About Our Plants

Forest Lakes Nursery is committed to bringing you the best plants possible. All of our plants have survived at least one winter, and are unusual. We scour the United States, Europe, and Asia for the most unique plants we can find. We are the only retailers of Abies Concolor Variety "Hi-Bird" (a semi-dwarf blue white fir discovered in Colorado). We have the lowest prices on plants for their size in the world.

We do not advertise any plant we do not have ready to ship. All of our plants are guaranteed to be true to name and disease free. Any plant mislabeled well be replaced free of charge. A word about the size of our plants: The majority of our plants are specimens, at least mature enough to see what they will be like when they are mature (leaf color, shape and such). Most of our plants are in one-gallon and two-gallon containers. We do however, offer some 5-gallon specimens for those of you who simply cannot wait to see what the mature plants look like! All of our plants are grown in containers, starting with 2.5 inch and going up to 5 gallons. Our growing stock is just about evenly split between clonally propagated, divisions and grafts. With the exception of the very newest varieties, all of our tissue culture plants have been grown here for at least one full year, and have been through two winters (we try to buy only tissue cultures that have already been over-wintered). A quick call to us, and we can send you a digital photo of the plant in question.

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