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Abies alba `Pendula' Weeping European Silver Fir
A weeping form of European Silver Fir. Found in 1835 in Ville D’Avray, France. A large specimen stands in the botanic garden of St. Gallen, Switzerland. Does not like high levels of fertilizer. 10 Year Dimensions:10 ft. X 4 ft. Sun Requirements: PARTIAL SHADE USDA Zone:4 6-10 Feet $220.00-$400.00

Abies balsamea 'Piccolo'
Tiny, radiating, dark green needles arch downward on many short, nearly vertical branches. Prominent brown buds highlight the branch tips on the dense, very dwarf globe. A real gem, 'Piccolo' is ideal for rock gardens, containers and small landscapes. Originated and introduced by Edwin Carstens Nursery, Varel, Germany. 5 inch-$13.00 One gallon-$16.00

Abies balsamea 'Nana'
The popular dwarf balsam fir has deep green, glossy needles that emerge in the spring a soft light green, darkening as the season advances. Needles are short and flattened. A nest spruce look alike. Needs some shade and good moisture to look its best. Globe shaped dwarf. 5 inch-$8.00

Abies chensiensis `Prostrata Glauca' Blue Prostrate Shensi Fir
Known as the Shensi Fir. Leaves are dark green to blue with white stomata on the back of the needles. Not always prostrate. Most of the time an upright fir with horizontal branches. Beautiful three inch purple cones standing straight up. 10 Year Dimensions: 10 ft. X 4 ft. Sun Requirements: Full sun Zone: 6 Two gallon, Big and beautiful-$30.00

Abies concolor `Candicans'
One of the bluest forms of White Fir. Fast growing upright conical plant. Needles are very big and powder blue. Incredible purple cones, held upright and highly visible. Our favorite tree. Mature at 40 ft. 10 Year Dimensions: 12 ft. X 6 ft. Full sun. 5 inch-$15, one gallon-$20, 2 gallon-$25.

Abies concolor `Compacta' Compact White Fir
A dwarf compact upright plant. Needles are large and blue. Plant will only be about 6 ft. in 10 years. Very nice dwarf. Full Sun. 5 inch-$15, one gallon-$20, 2 gallon-$25.

abies concolor Hibrid Half-Speed
A compact, upright conifer. Marvelous contorted branches and thin, gray blue-green contorted needles. Prefers sun in well-drained soil. 6' tall x 3' wide in 10 years. Hardy to -40 degrees. USDA zone 3.

Abies delavayi var. forrestii
This beautiful rare Chinese fir named after George Forrest not only has wonderful foliage, but in spring its cones are a fascinating blue-ish-violet color. The needles are dark green with two distinct stomatal lines on their underside giving the tree an overall silvery-green appearance. Height: in 10 years 10 feet plus. Light: Full Sun. 3rd year grafts- $20.00

Abies Fraseri -- Fraser Fir
Among the most elegant of conifers. Slow growth rate. Shiny, compact habit. Excellent Christmas tree. To 40', Zone 5. 2-3 Ft-$15.00 5 gallon-$25.00

Abies koreana 'Cis'
A miniature, flat ball, of dark glossy foliage. This Korean Fir grows about one inch a year. Leaves flat to stem with rounded ends. Very nice for rock garden, or trough plantings. Can use some afternoon shade. Introduced in Holland about 1989. 6" by 12". $20.00

Abies koreana `Green Carpet' Green Carpet Korean Fir
A dwarf form of Korean Fir. Plant is a flat round spreader. Leaves are a nice dark green. Plant is very compact with no pruning. Found by Lane Konijn around 1990 in Holland. 10 Year Dimensions: 1 ft. x 3 ft. Dwarf One gallon-$15.00 Two gallon-$20.00

Abies koreana 'Horstmann's Silberlock'
A semi-dwarf tree of exquisite beauty. The needles curve around the stem to reveal their silvery underside. It grows in an upright pyramid. Grows to 7 feet wide by 5 ˝ feet tall. Rare and choice. BIG 1 gallon- $20.00 2 Gallon $25.00 3 gallon-$35.00, 5 Gallon-$50 3-4 feet $110.00 5-6 feet-$175.00

Abies lasiocarpa `Duflon' Duflon's Alpine Fir
A miniature Alpine Fir. Grows ˝ inch a year. Leaves are a greenish blue. Needles are small on a tight round ball. Found by the Duflon sisters in Washington, USA. 10 Year Dimensions: 6 inches X 6 inches. Tiny is a big word to describe this beauty! 5 inch-$25.00, one gallon-$30.00

Abies lasiocarpa Arizonica ‘Glauca Compacta’
Dwarf blue Corkbark Fir. Dwarf, blue compact grower with a unusual form. The blue is not as deep as some, but coupled with the irregular, upright habit, makes a wonderful addition. 4-6’ at maturity. 4th-yr graft, 18-32” -$25.00 2 Gallon-$35.00

Abies procera 'La Graciosa' La Graciosa Noble Fir
A slow-growing pendulous conifer with soft gray blue-green foliage. Can grow with a mounding habit or develop a leader and grow more erect. Garden-worthy either way. Prefers full sun in well-drained soil. 2' tall x 3' wide in 10 years as a mound. Taller if leader develops. Hardy to -20 degrees. USDA zone 5. Big one gallons-$22.00

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