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Acer Palmatum Dissectum

'Crimson Queen'
A Mushroom-shaped weeping form growing only 5-6' tall, but can reach 8-10' wide at maturity. Leaves are finely dissected, lacy and a dark purplish-red throughout the spring and summer. Fall color is intense red. One Gallon 2-yr graft, 1-2’-$15.00

'Red Dragon'
A larger growing, weeping form with a slightly pyramidal habit. Leaves are intensely purple throughout the spring and summer. Fall color is fiery-red. One the finest weeping red-leaf forms ever bred. One Gallon 2-yr graft, 1-2’-$15.00

Acer Palmatum

Acer palmatum ‘Arakawa’
(Rough Bark) The prominent rough bark texture and upright habit make Arakawa much loved for bonsai. It is one of the cultivars that seems to grow quite rapidly in youth, slowing after the first few years, and very tolerant of hot, windy situations. Fall color is a brilliant scarlet and its habit is particularly lovely. Ours are from rooted cuttings, so there is no graft union. Container Height:5 ft. Landscape Height:11-15 ft. Zone: 6. Full sun/Part Shade. Five Inch-$15.00, Gallons-$20.00

Acer palmatum ‘Bloodgood’
The deepest red leaf color of the palmatum type cultivars envelops this upright, vigorous tree, presenting a display second to none. ‘Bloodgood’ is especially fine in holding its color into late summer when so many of the others turn green. Then there’s ‘Bloodgood’ in the fall--the fire-red color defies description! Wait, there’s winter, the bark is black-red, and in the proper setting, looks absolutely elegant. 3-4 foot, well-branched trees-$15.00

Acer palmatum 'Butterfly' Butterfly Japanese Maple
An extremely choice and popular cultivar with a stiffly upright growth habit. Tiny, irregularly shaped leaves are bluish-green with cream markings, accented with pink. Vigorous, vase shaped with many twiggy branches. A very outstanding cultivar. 1-2’ lightly branched $15.00 2-3’ nicely branched 3-4’ $35.00

Acer palmatum 'Kasagi yama' Kasagi yama Japanese Maple
Although 'Kasagi yama' is listed as a variegated cultivar, it is a most unusual red and green-edged type with almost black veins. Remaining interesting all season, it turns red and orange in the fall. Mature height might be 15-20 ft. Zones 6-8. 2-3’ heavily branched 2 gallon-$35.00

Acer palmatum 'Red Pygmy'
A dense, narrow and upright shrub growing to 10-12' tall and 6-7' wide. New leaves emerge dark reddish-purple and are narrow-lobed, turning copper-tinged green during summer. Fall color is reddish. 2-3’ nicely branched 2 gallon. $35.00

Acer palmatum ‘Trompenburg’
A magnificent cultivar from Trompenburg Arboretum in Holland. Deep purple-red leaves that have narrow lobes that are slightly rolled under. This is a most attractive effect that develops as the tree ages, not occurring the first few seasons. Upright and open, this tree makes a most beautiful specimen that will be the delight of any garden. 2nd year grafts, well branched $15.00

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