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Our Guarantee: All our plants are shipped healthy, disease free, and true to name.

Navigation tip: Our plants are listed with their scientific name followed by their common name. Use the "find" function in your browser to jump directly to the plant you want if you know either of its names.

Although we do not ourselves perform the art of bonsai, we do appreciate it’s beauty and the deep sense of satisfaction one derives from it. Our friends who spend many hours pruning and tying have told us these selections from our nursery are the best we have.

Abies balsamea 'Piccolo'
Tiny, radiating, dark green needles arch downward on many short, nearly vertical branches. Prominent brown buds highlight the branch tips on the dense, very dwarf globe. A real gem, 'Piccolo' is ideal for rock gardens, containers and small landscapes. Originated from Varel, Germany. 5 inch-$13.00 One gallon-$16.00

Abies balsamea 'Nana'
The popular dwarf balsam fir has deep green, glossy needles that emerge in the spring a soft light green, darkening as the season advances. Needles are short and flattened. A nest spruce look alike. Needs some shade and good moisture to look its best. 5 inch-$8.00

Abies koreana `Cis'
A miniature, flat ball, of dark glossy foliage. This Korean Fir grows about one inch a year. Leaves flat to stem with rounded ends. Very nice for rock garden, or trough plantings. Can use some afternoon shade. Introduced in Holland about 1989. 6" by 12". $20.00

Abies koreana `Green Carpet' Green Carpet Korean Fir
A dwarf form of Korean Fir. Plant is a flat round spreader. Leaves are a nice dark green. Plant is very compact with no pruning. Found by Lane Konijn around 1990 in Holland. 10 Year Dimensions: 1 ft. x 3 ft. Dwarf One gallon-$15.00

Abies lasiocarpa `Duflon' Duflon's Alpine Fir
A miniature Alpine Fir. Grows ½ inch a year. Leaves are a greenish blue. Needles are small on a tight round ball. Found by the Duflon sisters in Washington, USA. 10 Year Dimensions: 6 inches X 6 inches. Tiny is a big word to describe this beauty! 5 inch-$25.00

Acer palmatum ‘Arakawa’ (Rough Bark)
The prominent rough bark texture and upright habit make Arakawa much loved for bonsai. It is one of the cultivars that seems to grow quite rapidly in youth, slowing after the first few years, and very tolerant of hot, windy situations. Fall color is a brilliant scarlet and its habit is particularly lovely. Ours are from rooted cuttings, so there is no graft union. Container Height:5 ft. Landscape Height:11-15 ft. Zone: 6. Full sun/Part Shade. Five Inch-$15.00

Berberis thunbergii 'Helmond Pillar'
A multi-stemmed, upright columnar form with its foliage nearly the same size and color as 'Bagatelle'. This very upright, purple pillar really makes a statement in the right spot. Grows 3-6’ a year, reaching 3-5’. Sun to partial shade. 5 Inch-$6.00

Buxus x ‘Green Mountain’
An upright grower with dark-green, glossy leaves, ‘Green Mountain’ is a vigorous yet compact plant. Hardy to zone 5. Grows 3-6’ per year, ultimately reaching 2-4’. Four inch pot $4.00

Buxus microphylla ‘Faulkner’
A newer selection popular in Europe for its shiny foliage and hardiness. Habit is taller and wider than B. microphylla. This one makes an “exclamation point” in the garden! Four inch pot $4.00

Buxus sempervirens
Great for hedges, massing, topiary work and formal gardens. Can reach 15-20' and grow as wide. Foliage is a lustrous dark green above and a light yellowish green below. Four inch pot $4.00

Buxus sempervirens ‘Graham Blandy’
The narrow, columnar form of 'Graham Blandy' make it suitible for both specimen and hedge situations. A vigorus grower with rich, dark green, glossy foliage that responds well to shearing into a formal form. Four inch pot $4.00

Camellia ‘April Remembered’
— This fast-growing plant has large semi-double flowers, that range in color from cream to pink. It blooms heavily over a long period, from early to late season. 5 Inch-$7.00.

Camellia sasanqua 'Jean May'
Ht: 8'-10' Spread: 6' - 10' Shape: Upright, Shrubby Type: Evergreen Shrub Light: Part Shade Soil: Moist, Well Drained Acid Soil. Large, shell pink double blooms. Dark green glossy foliage. Blooms mid-season October-early December. 5 Inch-$7.00.

Camellia ‘Jury’s Yellow’ Hybrid camellia
As one of the first "yellow" hybrids in the genus, it is certainly worth having for its pleasing soft color and its wonderful form, but don’t expect a buttercup yellow because it has "yellow" in its name. An abundance of medium-sized, anemone form flowers, comprised of a row of ivory guard petals encircling a mass of small, creamy yellow petaloids. This compact, upright shrub blooms early to late season. 2-3' 5 Inch-$7.00

Chaenomeles Quince Family: Rosaceae
(Chaenome-les: Greek compound, split apple, for the fruit was thought to split)

Chaenomeles japonica ‘Kingishi’
A medium growing plant that tops out at 4-5 feet, with single, very bright orange flowers. Very showy. Not invasive and not as fast growing as the species. One gallon $6.00

Chaenomeles 'Texas Scarlet' (C. speciosa)
An old time favorite with bright red flowers in May. Very popular for hedging. Zone 5, 3-4 feet, Full Sun to Partial Shade. One gallon-$6.00

Cedrus deodara ‘Feeling Blue’
A dwarf cedar with prostrate habit and powder blue needles, growing to 2' high, 4' wide in 10 years. Full sun, drought tolerant when established. Five inch pot $12.00, One gallon $15.00

Cedrus deodara 'Prostrate Beauty'
This unique beauty combines a spreading, horizontal habit with distinctive, blue foliage. The mid-size conifer is nearly flat when young but eventually develops a leader with age, unless pruned to keep it low. New blue-green needles keep their soft, feathery look as they mature. Found at Iseli Nursery in 1979. Zone 7. One gallon-$18.00

Cedrus deodara 'Snow Sprite'
This irregularly mounding, compact conifer sends out ivory-white new growth that turns creamy-yellow. The unique, mid-size plant develops a leader with age, but stays small and compact compared to the species. It is best grown in part shade where the bright foliage will practically “glow in the dark.” One gallon-$18.00

Chamaecyparis obtusa `Bronze Pygmy'
A dwarf variety of Japanese Hinoki. Leaves are fan-like and yellow in summer. Plant makes a squatty low shrub. First introduced by K.W. van Klaveren, Boskoop, Holland. Grows 3-6 inches a year. 10 Year Dimensions: 2 ft. X 3 ft. dwarf full sun 5 Inch-$6.00

Chamaecyparis obtusa 'Blizzard' Dwarf Hinoki Cypress.
Very small growing- forms a 2' X 2' globe in 10 years. Pretty cream and white variegation throughout the sage green foliage. Evergreen. Zone 5. Four inch pot-$6.00.

Chamaecyparis obtusa ‘Ceramic’
A dwarf golden variety of Japanese Hinoki Cypress. Leaves a nice gold on stems that come to points. Plant dwarf growing about 4 to 6 inches a year in a conical upright. Does well in sun, can take shade. - Zone: 5 10 Year Dimensions: 6 ft. x 3 ft. Full Sun 5 Inch pot-$6.00. One gallon-$10.00

Chamaecyparis obtusa `Dainty Doll'
A dwarf variety of Japanese Hinoki. Leaves are somewhat spiraled and are pointed at tips. Makes a conical upright green plant. Never needs shearing. Plant grows about 4-6 inches a year. Dainty looking. - Zone: 5 2 feet by 1 foot. Full sun. 4 Inch pot-$6.00.

Chamaecyparis obtusa ‘Gold Fern’
A new golden dwarf Japanese Hinoki Cypress. Very dwarf yellow looks like a forest fern. In shade you will get chartreuse and blue colors, in sun bright yellow. Foliage is mostly juvenile. From Australia. - Zone: 5 10 Year Dimensions: 2 ft. x 1 ft. Part shade. 5 inch pot- $10.00

Chamaecyparis obtusa 'Hage'
A miniature Hinoki with dark green foliage, not as big as 'Nana'. This little one is a true beauty! Sometimes called "Moss on a Rock" Cypress. Full sun, part shade. Zone 5. 4 inch pot- $8.00

Chamaecyparis obtusa `Kosteri'
A dwarf olive-green Japanese Hinoki Cypress with netted leaves. Very nice slow growing plant that never needs pruning. Has a little yellow winter color on flat sprays. Grows 3-4 ins. Found in Holland around 1915 by the Koster & Sons Nursery. - Zone: 5. One gallon-$12.00

Chamaecyparis obtusa `Lemon Twist'
A dwarf, bright lemon yellow, fasciated variety of Japanese Hionki Cypress. Plant grows about 2-4 inches a year with contorted cockscombed growth. Needs partial shade to protect very bright foliage. Zone: 5. One Quart-$6.00, One gallon-$12.00

Chamaecyparis obtusa ‘Nana Lutea’
A wonderful yellow Dwarf Hinoki. Lemon-yellow, with a very dense habit. This evergreen does not like hot sun. Matures at only 2-3 Feet. Zones 4-8 4 inch-$6.00

Chamaecyparis obtusa `Rashamiba'
A cockscomb type Japanese Hinoki Cypress. Dark green leaves that are thick and fasciated. Plant is a broad conical shrub. Introduced around 1909 in Japan. - Zone: 5 Full sun. 10 Year Dimensions: 6 ft. x 5 ft. One quart-$6.00

Chamaecyparis obtusa ‘Reis Dwarf’
A Bonsai type Japanese Hinoki.Tree grows in a straight upright column with horizontal branches that are pads of congested foliage. Leaves are dark green. Plant will shoot up 1 ft. but then slow down. Found by Joseph Reis of Long Island, NY. - Zone: 5 10 Year Dimensions: 8 ft. X 3 ft. Part Shade. One Quart-$6.00 One gallon-$12.00

Chamaecyparis obtusa `Snowflake'
A juvenile foliage Hinoki spattered with cream-white variegation. Plant is a sage green with variegated spots throughout. Plant is conical but fat. Give plenty of air circulation because of the tight foliage. Zone: 5 4’ X 4’. One quart-$6.00, One gallon-$12.00

Chamaecyparis obtusa `Sparkles'
A variegated form of Japanese Hinoki Cypress. Leaves are mature foliage with yellow and green sprays. New plant ! Conical broad habit. Growth Type: Dwarf 10 Year Dimensions: 3 ft. x 2 ft. Sun Requirements: Partial shade. Zone:5. 5 inch-$6.00, One gallon-$10.00, Two gallon-$15.00

Chamaecyparis obtusa `Verkades Golden'
A dwarf golden form of Japanese Hinoki Cypress. Dwarf conical shape with thick golden leaves. Very nice plant for rock gardens, patio container plants. Found at Verkades Nursery in Wayne, New Jersey around 1961. - Zone: 5 3foot by 2 foot. One quart-$6.00. One gallon-$12.00

Chamaecyparis obtusa `Yellow Tip'
A dwarf conical upright to 6 ft. in 20 years. Leaves green with each end of the stem painted yellow. 10 Year Dimensions: 3 ft. X 4 ft. Full sun. Zone 5. One Quart-$6.00

Chamaecyparis pisifera Baby Blue Ice' Baby Blue Ice Boulvard Cypress
A sport taken from Chamaecyparis pisifera `Baby Blue'. Plant has darker blue foliage that looks icy. A dwarf plant growing 4 inches a year. Introduced and found by Stanley & Sons Nursery. 10 Year Dimensions: 4 ft. X 2 ft. Full Sun. Zone 4. 5 Inch-$8.00, One gallon-$15.00 Two gallon-$22.00

Chamaecyparis pisifera ‘Curly Tops’
A wonderful plant, Curley Tops has distinctive curled needles and bright powdery blue foliage, adding textural interest and luminescent color to the landscape. It has a broader and yet more compact habit than others. This newer selection is an exciting colorful addition to the garden or landscape. One Quart-$6.00. One gallon-$12.00, Two Gallon-$15.00

Chamaecyparis thyoides `Compacta Glauca’ (Compact Blue Atlantic White Cedar)
Compact, conical conifer to 15’ with 10’ spread. Excellent silvery-blue, feathery foliaged selection that has a neater, more conical habit and is much slower growing than the species. Full sun in moist, acidic soil. Zone 4-9. BIG one quarts, really nice plants! $6.00

Cotinus Smokebush Family: Anacardiaceae
Cotinus ‘Young Lady’
Blooming Crazy! This precocious beauty lives to bloom. Even as a one gallon, every terminal results in a bloom. The result is a poodle in a pot from June to August! A real show stopping impulse plant. Developed by Hendrik Kolster of Boskoop, Netherlands. Excellent orange red fall color. Zone 4, 8-10 feet, full sun /partial shade. One gallon-$8.00

Cotoneaster dammeri ‘Strieb’s Findling’
A prostrate selection from Germany, 'Strieb's Findling' will provide an unusual accent to your garden. This very low growing plant with tiny green leaves appears to cling tightly to the ground. Accented with white flowers in spring and red berries in the fall and winter, it may attain a height of 4" with 3-6’ spread. 4 to 8" per year. Sun to partial shade. Five Inch Staked-$8.00

Cryptomeria japonica `Araucarioides'
Thread leaf Japanese Cedar An upright wiry looking Japanese Cedar. A tall conical tree with branches of thread like leaves. Leaves are a gray-green, stout and short. Branches open and droopy with no short branches in whorls. Tree will eventually get to 40 ft. Growth Type is Large with 10 Year Dimensions of 12 X 6 ft. Full sun. Zone 6. 5 Inch-$8.00 One gallon-$15.00

Cryptomeria japonica 'Tansu'
A small, dense, irregular pyramid. The needles are light to medium green, and longer in the middle of the stem. Very attractive form. Bronzes in winter. Perfect Asian style garden accent plant. Big One quarts-$6.00, One gallon-$12.00

Cunninghamia konishii 'Coolwyn Compact'
This exotic, dwarf conifer, is a mutation of the Hayata Tree, a small genus of evergreen trees native to parts of Asia. This slow-growing cultivar from Australia forms a round, flat bun of short, dark-green juvenile foliage that colors up in winter, with tones that vary from bronze to purple. Soft to the touch, it defies its prickly-pincushion look and shows off many little brown buds along short branches. Perfect for trough or rock garden. Found and named by Leo Coolwyn in Australia. Miniature with 10 Year Dimensions of only 4 x 14 inches! Full Sun for best color. Zone 6. Five inch-$15.00

Euonymus koreana `Benkomasaki'
A columnar variety of Korean Euonymus. Leaves are rich green, thick on upright stems. Plant was brought back from Korea by returning US soldier for his plant friend Ed Rezek of Long Island, NY. Grows 6 inches a year. 10 Year Dimensions: 8 ft. X 2 ft. 5 inch-$6.00

Ilex crenata ‘Dwarf Pagoda’
A miniature variety of Japanese Holly. Stems are very short 1" at most. Leaves dark green on horizontal branches. Very congested plant. The plant is a natural Bonsai. Good patio plant. Introduced by the National Arboretum in Washington, D.C. One gallon. $15.00

Ilex X ‘Rock Garden’
A miniature form of Holly. New hybrid developed by Rutgers University. Leaves dark green on a flat round spreading bun. Red berries in winter time, but very sparse. As the name suggests, very nice for rock gardens and troughs. - Zone: 3. One gallon. $15.00

Juniperus chinenesis `Kaisuka Variegated'
Great looking Hollywood Juniper with splashes of yellow throughout. Mature plant will reach 4 ft. Needs some shade or variegation will burn. Quite rare in cultivation. Five inch-$12.00

Juniperus chinensis `Shimpaku Fudu' (Blue) Blue Shimpaku Juniper
A dwarf, blue, spreading upright Juniper. Used for Bonsai. Dark steel blue foliage that is on short branches with bunches of leaves. Nice when used as a formal upright in Bonsai. Plant grows 4 -6 inches a year. A Dwarf with 10 Year Dimensions of 3 x 6 feet. Full sun. Zone:5 Five inch-$8.00

Juniperus chinensis `Shimpaku Fish Tail' Shimpaku Fish Tail Juniper
A selected form of Shimpaku Juniper used in Bonsai work. Stems procubens out with a display of a fish-tail like foliage. Grows about 4-6 inches a year. A Dwarf with 10 Year Dimensions of 5 X 3 feet. Full sun. Zone 3. Five inch-$8.00

Juniperus communis 'Effusa'
A spreading, flat, circular-shaped plant, 'Effusa' belongs in every garden. The new foliage is tipped a soft cinnamon-brown, maturing to bright green. Its sparse, small needles are held close to the delicately supple, reddish-brown stems. This juniper is very adaptable to shady locations. 6-10" per year. 6-8 ft. Spread. Full sun. -20 to -l0 F. One quart-$6.00 One gallon-$12.00

Juniperus horizontalis `Pancake'
Collector's Blue Pancake Creeping Juniper A low spreading blue variety of Creeping Juniper. Very flat, hence it's name. From Collector’s Nursery, Battleground, WA. A true Dwarf with 10 Year Dimensions of only 1 inch x 2 feet.Full sun Zone-3. Five inch-$15.00

Juniperus X Media ‘Daub’s Frosted’
A gold flat juvenile foliage Juniper. Leaves are very yellow with blue and green underneath. Does not burn ! Very nice plant. Takes to pruning very well. - Zone: 5. One quart-$6.00

Juniperus scopulorum `Snow Flurries'
A variegated form of the Rocky Mountain Juniper. Leaves sky blue with cream spots all the way through. A narrow fastigiata plant. Intermediate in size, with10 Year dimensions of 6 x 1 foot. Best color in full sun.Zone-6. Five inch $12.00

Juniperus squamata 'Blue Star'
The name 'Blue Star' is wonderfully descriptive of this immensely popular plant. As broad as high, the short branches form a star-like appearance. A witch's broom selection from 'Meyeri' found in Holland about 1950. One quart- $6.00, One gallon-$10.00.

Osmanthus japonica ‘Goshiki’ Five Color False Holly.
Three seasons of color make this Japanese False Holly a valuable, broad, upright shrub. New, spring growth is flushed with pink that changes to copper; in summer, the holly-like leaves take on creamy-yellow-gold variegation splashed over green; and in late summer, another flush of intense yellow keeps the show bright. Highly resistant to browsing deer and amenable to shearing, this versatile selection from Japan, introduced by Brookside Gardens, makes an excellent focal point, foundation plant or hedge. 5 inch-$6.00

Picea abies ` Pusch' Pusch Norway Spruce
A dwarf version of the Norway Spruce named 'Acrocona'. Plant only grows about 2-3 inches a year with miniature red cones at the end of all the stems. Plant is a flat round bun. Cones are about 1/2 inch long. Very nice rock garden plant. This is one our favorites. Give it a prominent place in your garden. A Dwarf with 10 Year Dimensions of 1x 2 feet. Full sun. Zone 3. Five inch-$25.00 One gallon-$30.00

Picea abies `Eva'
A miniature globose plant. Leaves green but very small. Plant grows about an inch a year. Good for trough. Full Sun. 10 Year Dimensions: 1 ft. X 1 ft. Shaped like a Hershey’s Kiss. 5 inch-$12.00, One gallon-$15.00

Picea abies 'Frohburg'
A popular, weeping evergreen conifer with green needles. With its neat, compact growth habit and rich dark-green needles. Prefers full sun in well-drained soil. If staked, 7' tall x 3' wide in 10 years. Hardy to -50 degrees. Zone 2. Five Inch-$12.00 One gallon-$18.00, Two gallons-$25, five gallons-$50.00

Picea abies 'Formanek'
A very prostrate form of the Norway spruce. This plant will become a densely matted spreading carpet over time. If staked up, its branches will cascade down creating a pendulous specimen. The perfect plant to creep over and around rocks. 3-6 inches to 3-5 feet. Rare. One quart-$12.00, One gallon-$24.00

Picea abies `Gold Drift' Gold Drift Weeping Norway Spruce
New ! Weeping, golden variety of Norway Spruce. Leaves golden and stems weeping. Looks good as container plant. Must be staked for height. Introduced by Bob Fincham of Coenosium Gardens. 10 Year Dimensions of 6 X 2 ft. It is listed as full sun, but we have had a little burning. Zone 3. Big Five inch-$20.00

Picea abies `Horace Wilson'
A flat, round miniature variety of Norway Spruce. Leaves are small and green, very dainty plant. Plant grows just 1 inch a year. Like the plant `Little Gem'; but flatter with smaller needles. Great plant for troughs, patios and rock gardens. 10 Year Dimensions: 4 inches X 1 foot. Big, full 5 inch-$12.00

Picea abies `Perry's Gold'
Dwarf, upright conical plant of Norway Spruce. New foliage in spring is the brightest yellow. Leaves turn back to dark green. If grown in wooded area, has best color. Grows 4 inches a year. 10 Year Dimensions: 4 ft. X 5 ft. Part Shade is best. Dwarf Big 5-Inch-$15.00

Picea abies `Winklers Wang' or perhaps 'Wingle's Pendula'
A weeping even prostrate form if not staked. Leaves good dark green. Plant grows 1 foot a year with very thick stems.It looks like a snake when young. Prominent brown growth buds. Growth Type is Intermediate with 10 Year Dimensions of 3 X 6 ft. Full sun. Zone 3. Five Inch-$12.00. One gallon-18.00

Picea glauca `Alberta Globe'
A miniature form of Alberta Spruce. Looks just like a Chocolate Kiss. The plant is a squatty conical plant that grows 1/2 inch a year. Introduced by Grootendorst of Holland. Found about 1968. - Zone: 3. 1 foot by 3 feet in 10 years. 5 Inch-$8.00, One gallons-$15.00

Picea Glauca ‘Blau Cucken’ Blue Kiss
A new, and rare dwarf Alberta from Germany. Steel blue leaves are longish, as are the stems which radiate outward. A 10 year old plant in only 6 inches tall and 8 inches wide. Plants sent us from Leo Gambredela 5 inch-$15.00 One gallon-$25.00

Picea glauca `Echiniformis' Hedgehog White Spruce
A miniature variety of White Spruce. Small flat bun with steel blue-grey foliage. Plant grows about 1 inch a year. Very nice for troughs and rock gardens. Found around 1855 in France. 10 Year Dimensions: 4 “ x 1 ft. Full Sun. 5-inch-$12.00 One gallon-$15.00

Picea glauca 'Gnome'
Perfect mini of the Dwarf Alberta spruce. Approximately 18 inches at 20 years. Use this tiny forest tree for special close-up scenes or plant your own instant mini forest. Slightly lighter in color, as Jean’s Dilly. Extremely slow growing, and hardy in a wide range of climates. Hard to find and difficult to propagate. Limited numbers. Zones 3-8 Four inch pot-$17.00, One gallon-$24.00

Picea glauca 'Rainbow's End'
In spring, the new growth is light green, nothing out of the ordinary. In mid-summer, the second flush is nothing but extraordinary. Bright, creamy-yellow new growth contrasts dramatically against the dark-green older foliage. Mutation found at Iseli Nursery in 1978. 5 Inch-$10.00, One gallon-$15.00

Picea glauca `Zuckerhut' Zuckerhut Alberta Spruce
A miniature variety of Alberta spruce. Very green leaves on a miniature conical plant. We think this is the best of all the smaller cones. It does not burn in full sun. Plant grows less than one inch a year. Found as a witches' broom in Germany. A true Miniature. In 10 Years it's Dimensions are 1 ft. X 6 inches. Full Sun Zone 3. Five inch-$18.00 One gallons-$22.00

Picea mariana `Nana' Dwarf Black Spruce
A very broad dwarf variety of Black Spruce. Plant grows 3 inches a year. Plant is wider than high and will reach 3 ft high. Leaves blue. 10 Year Dimensions: 1 X 3 feet. Zone 3. 5 Inch-$8.00

Picea pungens `Montana Ave.' Montana Avenue Colorado Spruce
A miniature, blue variety of Colorado Spruce. Leaves a steel blue on a ball shaped plant. Plant found by Clayton Berg.10 Year Dimensions: 1 ft. X 1 ft. Full sun, Zone-3. Five Inch-$15.00

Picea pungens 'Procumbens'
Similar to `Pendula' in color, but used as a spreading, undulating ground cover. `Procumbens' is very effective when draped over a rock wall or slope. A very underrated and underutilized plant. BIG 5 Inch 3-yr graft $15.00

Picea sitchenis ‘Sugarloaf’
A small conical shrub with the stems densely clothed in sharp needles. The color is a wonderful combination of green and blue. Grows to approx 2 feet in 10 years. BIG 5 Inch-$15.00

Pinus contorta `Spaan's Dwarf'
A dwarf form of Coast Pine. Needles are green and only 1/2 inch long. Buds are dark and very long. Plant grows in the form of a natural Bonsai. Found byJon Spaan of Oregon. 10 Year Dimensions:2 ft. x 3 ft. Sun Requirements: FULL SUN. Zone: 5. Big 5 Inch-$15.00

Pinus mugo 'Mops'
A gardening breakthrough, 'Mops' is a mugo pine that won't outgrow the landscape. It stays very compact and dense without shearing. This hardy, durable pine forms a low, dense mound that is excellent for use in foundation plantings and rock gardens. Grows less than 3-5" per year. 1-2 ft. Full sun. One gallon-$12.00

Pinus mugo'Teeny'
This dwarf mugo sports tiny, uniformly straight, rich green needles, a very neat habit and extremely slow growth. Needles are held radially, spreading out from the center on each of many, short, well-clothed branches. Terminal buds are very showy, and the tight globose plant will not outgrow even the smallest garden space. One gallon-$20.00

Pinus uncinata `Baby #2 WB'
A dwarf round ball of Mountain Pine. Very dwarf with leaves 1 inch long. Plant grows 2 inches a year. Found in Czech Republic. - Zone: 5. Beautiful 5 Inch-$22.00

Salix candida 'Silver Fox'
This selection of Hoary Willow, found in Newfoundland by Tony Huber in 1987, is a fantastic, small shrub valued for its outstanding, little, silver leaves. Selected from the northeastern range of this northern tier North American boreal species, the compact, deciduous shrub has dramatic yellow winter buds and twigs. Since it is a “fen” or wetland plant, it is suited to rich, wet soils and cool temperatures. In the Pacific Northwest, it is perfectly content as a container or garden foliage plant. Dress up a boggy site with a splash of silver. As yet untested in warmer regions. Five Inch-$15.00

Salix Integra Hakura Nishiki Nishiki Willow
An unusual small shrub valued for it’s variegated pink, green and white foliage.Thin pink stems and buds provide winter interest. The best color is obtained in partially shade. Old stems should be cut back for the best appearance.To 6’, Zone 4.Five Inch-$6.00.

Salix nakamurana ‘yezo-alpina’
A rare Japanese species with long stems and round 3 inch glossy reticulated leaves. The stems thicken in just a year or two, and with its red catkins it makes a magnificent cascading plant. From rooted cuttings, so Great for bonsai. Prefers shade in the afternoon in hot, dry areas. 4 in. x 36 inches in 10 years. Five Inch-$8.00

Tsuga diversifolia Japanese Hemlock
One of two indigenous hemlocks to Japan. The leaves dark green with silver on the back side. Branches also twist to show more of the silver. Upright habit. Makes a smallish shrub. 10 Year Dimensions: 8 ft. X 6 ft. PARTIAL SHADE Zone-5 Five inch-$10.00

Ulmus x elegantissima 'Jacqueline Hiller'
A unique shrub form found in a garden in Brimingham, England. This slow growing elm has an elegant, dense, branching habit and canopy form. This small elm is excellent for low hedges and a wonder selection for the Bonsai enthusiast. Five Inch-$12.00

Ulmus parviflora `Hokkaido' Hokkaido Japanese Elm
A very miniature variety of Japanese Elm. The absolute best Bonsai elm in the trade. A 25 years old plant only 2 ft. tall. Leaves light green and are 1/4 inch long. Very large trunk for little stems. Used extensively for Bonsai ! - Zone: 7 One quart-$15.00

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