Corylus Avellana

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Corylus avellana 'Contorta' Corkscrew/Contorted Hazelnut
Commonly called Harry Lauder's Walking stick, is a small tree that is known for its contorted, twisted growth. It is a European Filbert and was discovered in Gloucestershire, England around 1863. It is usually chosen for its winter effect because of its curled and twisted stems, however it's twisted leaves make it an interesting plant during the summer also. 'Contorta' will grow 8-10 feet in height. It has an upright shape and a medium growth rate. Its branches are valued for their use in flower arranging. (Z4-8)
From rooted cuttings, not grafts. 3-5 Heavily branched, 4 year old plants-$30.00

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