Juniperus Chinenesis

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Juniperus Chinensis -- Hollywood Juniper

Juniperus chinenesis `Kaisuka Variegated'
Great looking Hollywood Juniper with splashes of yellow throughout. Mature plant will reach 4 ft. Needs some shade or variegation will burn. Quite rare in cultivation. Five inch-$12.00

Juniperus chinensis `Shimpaku Fudu' (Blue) Blue Shimpaku Juniper
A dwarf, blue, spreading upright Juniper. Used for Bonsai. Dark steel blue foliage that is on short branches with bunches of leaves. Nice when used as a formal upright in Bonsai. Plant grows 4 -6 inches a year. A Dwarf with 10 Year Dimensions of 3 x 6 feet. Full sun. Zone:5 Five inch-$8.00

Juniperus chinensis `Shimpaku Fish Tail' Shimpaku Fish Tail Juniper
A selected form of Shimpaku Juniper used in Bonsai work. Stems procubens out with a display of a fish-tail like foliage. Grows about 4-6 inches a year. A Dwarf with 10 Year Dimensions of 5 X 3 feet. Full sun. Zone 3. Five inch-$8.00

Juniperus chinensis 'Saybrook Gold'
PPAF The intense, brilliant yellow foliage is the reason to include this spreading juniper in the garden. Open growing, 'Saybrook Gold' exposes woody brown branches, making it an attractive juniper on rockery walls. One gallon-$12.00 two gallon-$18.00

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