Juniperus Communis

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Juniperus Communis --

Juniperus communis 'Effusa'
A spreading, flat, circular-shaped plant, 'Effusa' belongs in every garden. The new foliage is tipped a soft cinnamon-brown, maturing to bright green. Its sparse, small needles are held close to the delicately supple, reddish-brown stems. This juniper is very adaptable to shady locations. 6-10" per year. 6-8 ft. Spread. Full sun. -20 to -l0 F. One quart-$6.00 One gallon-$12.00

Juniperus communis 'Gold Cone'
Relatively new to the trade, this columnar form of common juniper was selected for its bright golden yellow foliage in spring and summer. More vigorous than 'Compressa', this narrow plant offers wonderfully contrasting form and color for many types of gardens. 3-6 inches per year. To 4-5 Feet. 1 quart-$6.00, 1 gallon-$12.00

Juniperus communis `Horstmann' Horstmann's Weeping Juniper
A weeping variety of Common Juniper. Leaves blue green, on weeping foliage. Needs to be staked for height. This small tree really makes a statement!- Zone: 3. 10 Year Dimensions: 8 ft. X 10 ft. Full sun. One quart-$6.00 One gallon-$12.00

Juniperus communis 'Minature'
More durable, adaptable and dense than the popular 'Compressa,' this improved selection sports the same compact bluish-green foliage and upright habit. It differs, though, in its broader pyramidal shape and its better tolerance to wind, cold and reflected sun. Well suited for containers. One gallon-$12.00

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