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Pinus bungeana 'Diamant' Chinese Lacebark Pine
As its name implies, 'Diamant' is a diamond gem for the conifer collector. The small form of Chinese Lacebark Pine becomes a dense, green bun with short, fine needles that spiral around narrow stems. Originally found as a witch's broom in Hungary, it was introduced to the trade by Jeddeloh Nursery, Germany. Rare and choice specimens. Two gallon-$30.00
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Pinus contorta `Spaan's Dwarf' Spaan's Dwarf Coast Pine
A dwarf form of Coast Pine. Needles are green and only 1/2 inch long. Buds are dark and very long. Plant grows in the form of a natural Bonsai. Found byJon Spaan of Oregon. Growth Type: Dwarf. 10 Year Dimensions:2 ft. x 3 ft. Sun Requirements: FULL SUN. Zone: 5. Big 5 Inch-$15.00 one gallon-$22.00
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Pinus densiflora 'Oculis Draconis' Dragon's Eye Pine
`Oculus Draconis' is one of the `Dragon Eye' pines, a group of intriguing and beautiful cultivars. This unusual selection of Japanese red pine is similar to the species in overall habit and appearance, and it is the creamy-gold bands on the needles that add interest and surprise to the casual observer. Open pendulous habit when young; with age develops a twisted trunk and flat top, spreading crown; irregular; picturesque. Big One Gallon $15.00 Two Gallons $20.00

Pinus densiflora 'Pendula' Japanese Red Pine
The weeping Japanese red pine has a strongly pendulous habit. It can be staked to develop height, or left to become a dense, creeping carpet. Lovely, dark green needles and reddish-brown bark. Branches are somewhat brittle; handle with care. It is an excellent choice for a plant used in combinations with large boulders. One gallon 2-yr graft $15.00 Two Gallon 3rd year graft $20.00

Pinus densiflora 'Umbraculifera' 'Umbraculifera'
- Commonly known as "Tanyosho Pine", this is a popular form. It forms a multi-trunked tree or large shrub to approximately 4' to 6' tall and wide. The habit is vase shaped with an umbrella-like head that becomes flat-topped with age. The bark shows good orange color. It is often employed as a specimen or accent plant. USDA zone 3. Tanyosho Japanes Red Pine on a 16'standard $15.00
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Pinus flexilis 'Vanderwolf's Pyramid'
An increasingly popular selection! 'Vanderwolf's Pyramid' has a branching habit uniformly ascending, forming a large, upright pyramidal shape which broadens with age. Striking bluish-green color. 12-18” per year. 10-15 feet. 3Rd yr graft One gallon- $15.00, 2 gallon-$20.00
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Pinus heldreichii `Smidtii' Schmidtii Bosnian Pine
A miniature form of Bosnian Pine. Leaves are rich green on smaller than species needles. Plant only grows 1 inch a year. Has nice big brown buds. Found in the wild as a seedling in Yugoslavia by Eugene Smidt in 1926. Growth Type: Miniature 10 Year Dimensions: 1 ft. x 1 ft. Sun Requirements: Full Sun. Zone: 6 Very Limited supply. 5 inch-$24.00. One gallon-$30.00
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Pinus koraiensis `Tabuliformis'
A green Korean Pine. Fast growing plant with long green needles. Plant is a pyramidal shape. Very nice pineapple like cones. Refreshing color. - Zone: 3 10 Year Dimensions: 10 ft. x 5 ft 2 Gallon-$30.00

Pinus mugo `Aurea' Golden Mugo Pine
A golden Mugo Pine or better known as the Dwarf Mountain Pine. Plant leaves are yellow turning to green yellow in summer. Leaves get better color in winter. Listed by Iseli Nursery around 1982.10 Year Dimensions: 4 ft. x 6 ft. Grafted onto 36" standards. $20.00

Pinus mugo 'Gnom' Gnom dwarf Swiss mountain pine
A very dwarf and slow-growing selection with a dense rounded habit, ultimately attaining a height of 6'. Habit: Rounded, dense and very slow-growing Size: Usually seen less than 2' high, but given enough time it may grow to 6' in height. Grafted at 24” standards-$20.00. Five gallons-$55.00

Pinus mugo 'Mops'
A gardening breakthrough, 'Mops' is a mugo pine that won't outgrow the landscape. It stays very compact and dense without shearing. This hardy, durable pine forms a low, dense mound that is excellent for use in foundation plantings and rock gardens. Grows less than 3-5" per year. 1-2 ft. Full sun. One gallon-$12.00, 2 gallon-$20.00

Pinus mugo 'Paul's Dwarf'
An extremely short needled slow growing selection; this garden gem is highly prized by bonsai and rock garden enthusiasts. A diminutive treasure, 'Paul's Dwarf' is an excellent choice to mix with other miniature plants in a rock or trough garden setting. Grows 2-3" per year. Full sun. One gallon $15.00

Pinus mugo 'Slowmound'
'Slowmound' is a hardy durable pine forms a low dense mound with an informal appearance. A breakthrough for gardeners as its stays very compact and dense without shearing. Less than 3" per year 1-2 ft. Full Sun. One gallon $12.00

Pinus mugo 'Teeny'
This dwarf mugo sports tiny, uniformly straight, rich green needles, a very neat habit and extremely slow growth. Needles are held radially, spreading out from the center on each of many, short, well-clothed branches. Terminal buds are very showy, and the tight globose plant will not outgrow even the smallest garden space. One gallon-$20.00

Pinus mugo 'Valley Cushion'
'Valley Cushion' is a TRUdwarf® mugo pine that has uniform compact growth. The medium green color of the short small needles, the mounding shape and slow growth all bring things into scale in your favorite trough or railway garden. One gallon. $12.00
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Pinus parviflora 'Glauca'
Twisting blue-green needles and abundant cones make this artistic, open growing pine a standout specimen in the small garden. When mature this tree develops a flat-topped head with wide spreading branches for year-round beauty and interest. Plant in full sun with average moisture and good drainage. $15.00
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Pinus strobus `Horsford Dwarf’ Dwarf Eastern White Pine
A very compact form of Eastern White Pine. A bun shape plant with thin green needles. Need to keep old needles inside plant cleaned out. Found by Horsford, named By Greg Williams in Vermont. Back in 1987 I planted this plant at the first home I owned in Maryland, it hooked me on conifers for good! Dwarf with 10 Year Dimensions of 16" x 24". Full sun. Zone 3. Ours are 24"-32" around, big and beautiful! $55.00

Pinus strobus ‘Parviflora Glauca’ Blue Japanese Pine
Slow growing, densely branched evergreen tree with a broadly spreading, pyramidal form. Rich bluish-green needles show off handsome, reddish-brown cones. Truly outstanding specimen or accent tree. Withstands a wide variety of soil conditions. Grows to 40 ft. tall x 20 ft. wide. Hardy to -30°F (Zone 4-8) Second-year graft, 12-16 inches, $15.00

Pinus strobus ‘Nana’ Dwarf White Pine
Dwarf, low growing evergreen tree with sturdy horizontal branches clothed in handsome, blue-green needles. Extremely versatile, adapts to a wide range of soil conditions. Grows to 3-5 ft. tall x 4-8 ft. wide. Big 1 Gallons-$15.00 5 gallon 24-36" around-$55.00
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Pinus sylvestris 'Hillside Creeper'
A prostrate, 2' variety which is vigorous growing when young and also offers an attractive yellow-green winter color. Ours are grafted on 24” standards. One Gallon $15.00 Two gallons $25.00

Pinus sylvestris 'Glauca Nana'
An attractive, dwarf, blue-green pine that will eventually grow into a flattened globe form. A superb blue form of the fine Scotch Pine. A plant that will be very special in your garden. 6-8” per year. Tops out at 5-6’. One gallon, 2nd year grafts-$15.00. 5 gallon 30-40" $55.00
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Pinus thunbergii 'Banshosho' Banshosho Japanese Black Pine
A 3-4' high dwarf "Japanese Black Pine" with long rich dark green needles. The white buds are particularly attractive in the winter. A wonderful small tree. Sun. Zone 5. 4-yr graft 12-18” $15.00 two gallons-$22.00
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Pinus uncinata `Baby #2 WB'
A dwarf round ball of Mountain Pine. Very dwarf with leaves 1 inch long. Plant grows 2 inches a year. Found in Czech Republic. - Zone: 5 Beautiful 5 Inch-$22.00
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