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Our Guarantee: All our plants are shipped healthy, disease free, and true to name.

Navigation tip: Our plants are listed with their scientific name followed by their common name. Use the "find" function in your browser to jump directly to the plant you want if you know either of its names.

Athyrium 'Ursula's Red'
This fern heralds the spring with broad silver leaves traced and flushed with wine red down the center. This dynamite seller at Wayside Gardens has color that softens in summer heat. Plantswoman Ursula Herz had a little secret in South Carolina. Shade to part shade. Size (W/HT):24"/24". One gallon-$7.00

Corydalis speciosa 'Berry Exciting' PP18917 EU25090
A vigorous, spreading Corydalis with succulent stems and gold ferny leaves on a wide spreading plant. The purple flowers are wonderfully fragrant. It blooms over a long period of time. Filtered sun to full shade. The plant goes winter dormant below freezing and summer dormant where hot and humid. Big one gallons-$7.00

Corydalis 'Blackberry Wine'
This early-emerging beauty has blue-green, ferny leaves which provide a backdrop for hundreds of fragrant flowers the color of blackberry wine. It holds its slightly silvered foliage all spring, summer, and fall with a cascading habit, excellent in baskets or over walls. Takes heat and humidity! Cut back after bloom to freshen foliage. Size (W/HT/FL HT): 26"/10"/13" Part Sun to Shade. Big one gallons-$7.00

Corydalis lutea Common Name: Corydalis-Yellow
Everything about this perennial is dainty and refined. Fresh green, fern-like leaves are held in softly falling tiers, resembling the fronds of Maiden-Hair Fern. Beginning in late spring, clusters of light yellow to rich gold flowers, somewhat like those of the fringed bleeding heart, hover just above the foliage. Will continue to produce flowers thru mid-fall if plants are kept moist. Use this plant in cottage gardens, shaded rock gardens, or in containers. Big full one gallons-$7.00

Dicentra 'King of Hearts' Blue Bleeding Heart
This lovely Dicentra is a low growing mound of the darkest rose flowers and lacy blue foliage. It's a slow spreader and very long blooming. Dry slightly between watering, more forgiving than D. spectabilis. In moist, cool climates, 'King of Hearts' should not go summer dormant. It emerges later in the spring then other forms and is a good neighbor. One gallon $7.00

Disporum cantoniense 'Night Heron' Night Heron Disporum
A Heronswood Nursery selection with bamboo-like stems that emerge dark purple rather than green, sheathed at each node with golden-tan papery bracts. Makes a 4-5 ft. tall evergreen clump (hardy in Zone 6, but deciduous) with small white flowers followed by many shiny black berries. Enjoys rich, moist soil. Zones 6-9. Rare and choice! One gallon- $7.00

Heucherella 'Alabama Sunrise'
Changes color with the seasons! The deeply cut foliage, in spring to mid summer, is gold with red veins. In late summer, the leaves go to green with red veins. In fall, the older foliage turns orange pink. Small white flowers. Big One gallons-$7.00

Ophiopogon planiscapus ‘Arabicus’ Black Mondo Grass
A truly Black plant ! Forms a mound 6” tall and 18” wide in 3 years. The foliage is ¼” wide and rhizomatic. Plant in partial sun/shade. Best results are gained by planting these beauties on 12” centers. Zone 7-10. Ours are HUGE! One Gallon $15.00

Tiarella 'Pink Skyrocket' PP13382 EU13697 (Foam Flower)
Pyrotechnic heads that are pretty in pink are held above the marvelously cut and marked foliage. A new flower form for the genus. The foliage is shiny, always looks good and goes almost black in the winter. One gallon. $6.00

Tiarella 'Pirate's Patch' PP14907 Foam Flower.
Broad, uncut leaves with a central patch, as dark as a pirate's heart. Outstanding habit with its low, slow creeping stems and huge foliage. 250 flower spikes (a record) on a 3-year-old plant. This plant also has nice fall color. Prefers Rich and moist soil with organic component. Part or full shade. Morning sun ok.12"/5"/10". One gallon. $6.00

Tiarella 'Sugar and Spice' PP16738 Foam Flower
'Sugar and Spice' is one of our best with shiny, lacquered leaves, which are lacy with a heavily marked center in summer and winter. Spring brings lightly fragrant flowers, frosted pink with a white interior. Prefers Rich and moist soil with an organic component. Part or full shade. Morning sun ok.12"/5"/10". One gallon. $6.00

Thalictrum Evening Star
A lovely woodland and shade container perennial with foliage like an Epimedium. Leaflets colored olive, tan, and copper to red-brown are held on wiry stems; each with a central silver star. Tufts of lavender flowers float over the foliage spring through summer. An exciting new perennial. Size (W/HT/FL HT):10"/8"/12". Morning sun is fine, but afternoon shade is required. One gallon-$7.00

Tricyrtis hirta 'Miyazaki Hybrids' Toad Lily
Wonderfully arching, hairy stems support the green, lance-shaped leaves which are arranged in a ladder-like fashion. Beginning in late summer, white, orchid-like flowers heavily spotted with purple appear all along the stems. They are a welcome site considering most other plants are finished for the season by this time. Plant in part to full shade. Height-36 Inches. Spread-18 Inches. Zone: 4-8. One gallon-$5.00

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