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Thuja (Arborvitae) Family: Cupressaceae (Thu-ja: Classical name, occidentalis meaning "Western" as in "New World")

Thuja occidentalis `Danica' Dwarf Eastern Arborvitae
A dwarf green form of Arborvitae. Leaves are an emerald green on a a plant that is very compact. Almost obtusa like. First found by Arne Jenson in 1952 in Denmark. First introduced by Danslanex Nursery, Denmark. 10 Year Dimensions: 2 ft. x 2 ft. Full Sun. One gallon-$10.00

Thuja occidentalis 'Filiformis'
Thread-like foliage with mounded upright form. Great texture. Zone 3, 4-8 feet, Full Sun. One gallon-$8.00

Thuja occidentalis `Gold Drop'
A golden, teardrop form of Eastern Arborvitae. Very compact and nice color. Found by Dr. West. - Zone: 4 6x4 full sun. One gallon-$10.00

Thuja occidentalis ‘Miky’
Fine textured foliage that stays a rich green all growing season. In winter it has a copper-overlay. ‘Miky’ has a broad conical habit. It’s short and compact habit makes it an excellent choice for hedging. One gallon-$15.00

Thuja occidentalis ‘Mossy’
Incredible! Unbelievable! Very small and slightly mound forming. A dwarf, stringy, green type of Eastern Arborvitae. Looks like a little clump of moss with tentacles. A sea urchin if you will. Leaves are a grey-green. Zone: 3 Very rare! 5 Inch-$10.00, One gallon-$15.00

Thuja occidentalis `Starstruck'
A variegated.upright emerald Smaragd. Leaves a nice bright green with flecks of yellow throughout Does not burn. One of my personal favorites. 10 Year Dimensions: 6 ft. X 1 ft. Full Sun. Big One gallons-$12.00, Two gallons-$15.00

Thuja occidentalis 'Rheingold'
'Rheingold' is best known for its unusual, and therefore useful, coloring: a strong, orange-yellow color that turns a deep, copper-orange hue in winter. Foliage is mostly soft, juvenile type, with scale-like foliage also present. Responds well to regular shearing. Big One Quarts-$6.00, One gallon-$12.00, two gallons-$15.00

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Thuja orientalis Oriental Arborvitae Family: Cupressaceae (T. orientalis is actually Platycladus orientalis)

Thuja orientalis 'Collen's Gold'
Very narrow upright selection of Oriental arborvitae with orange-yellow foliage. Rapidly growing into a spire shape, this colorful conifer can be used where space is limited. A distinctive vertical accent best planted in full sun for the most colorful foliage display. Grows 6-10 inches per year. Grows to 6-8 feet tall. One gallons. $10.00. Two gallons, $15.00

Thuja plicata Western Arborvitae Family: Cupressaceae (Plica-ta: pliated or folded lengthwise)

Thuja plicata `Can-Can' Western Red Cedar
A columnar semi-dwarf form of Western Red Cedar. Plant has extra dark green foliage with every growing tip marked with white. Will not grow as big as species. Found in New Zealand. Growth Type: Intermediate 10 Year Dimensions: 8 ft. x 3 ft. Sun Requirements: FULL SUN Zone: 6. One gallons-$12.00

Thuja plicata 'Cuprea'
A dwarf form of the western red cedar. A lovely plant with nodding, deep green needles tipped with light yellow, turning a creamy or copper-yellow color in winter. To maintain a globose form, prune out the occasionally over-vigorous shoots. Adaptable to partial shade. Grows 2-3 feet. 1 Gallon-$10.00

Thuja plicata `Grune Kugel'
A dwarf green form of Western Red Cedar. Leaves are dark green on a very tight flat bun. Has very nice purple hue in winter. Plant was originally from Germany. The name translated means “little green ball”. - Zone: 6 Full sun. One gallon-$10.00

Thuja plicata `Stoneham Gold'
A golden form of Western Red Cedar. Plant is upright, almost columnar. Leaves are a copper-gold turning to dark green lower on the plant. Found in England around 1948, 12X8 . Zone: 6. One gallon-$10.00

Thuja plicata ‘Whipcord’
A dwarf thread-branch form of Western Red Cedar. Leaves are strings of green in an arching from the center of the plant. The drooping foliage is glossy green in summer with a bronze cast in winter. Use as a novel specimen or incorporate into the border for a riotous partner with perennials. Tolerates shallow chalk soils and shade. Upright/Broad | Zone 5 Dwarf | Green One gallon-$15.00, 2 gallon-$25.00

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