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The hemlocks are a genus of elegant and graceful-looking trees. They thrive in moist, well-drained, acid soil. They grow well as an under-story plant enjoying the shade.Hemlocks withstand heavy prunning and shearing, popular as hedging and border material. The most common species for landscape use is tsuga canadensis. It has many cultivars, a number of which are dwarf forms.

Tsuga canadensis 'Abott's Pygmy'
One of the smallest of all conifers, this miniature Canadian hemlock has tiny dark green leaves on a globose shaped plant. Despite its tiny size, this is a tough and hardy plant only needing protection from the strong afternoon sun and foot traffic in the garden. Rare. One Gallon-$15.00

Tsuga canadensis 'Cole's Prostrate'
A great choice for your shaded rock or native garden.'Cole's Prostrate' grows slowly, spreading flat on the ground, softening harsh edges or cascading over walls. Whitish gnarled bark is exposed adding contrast to the soft green foliage. Grows 3-6" per year varies w/culture. 2-5 ft. Prostrate. Sun to partial shade. One gallon-$12.00

Tsuga canadensis 'Jean'
A wonderful, slow-growing low spreader with short green needles. It's delicate texture is a result of tertiary branchlets that break bud intermittently along new growth and are only one and a half times longer than the needle. The needles of the smaller branchlets are half the size of normal needles. A spreading miniature. Sun to partial shade. One gallon-$10.00

Tsuga canadensis 'Jervis'
Densely branched, broad pyramid with congested, dark green foliage. Slow, upright, irregular growth. Prominent buds, short and twiggy growth. Grows 3-6" per year, 3-5 ft .Sun to partial shade. One gallon- $10.00 Two gallons-$18.00

Tsuga Canadensis 'Minuta'
A dense, bun-shaped, rare and aristocratic addition to your garden. One of the slowest growing hemlocks, similar to 'Jervis'. Discovered by Daniel M. St. George of Charlotte, Vermont, from a group of seedlings. Unfortunately the parent tree was destroyed by grazing cattle. Rare. $15.00

Tsuga canadensis 'Moon Frost'
Eye-catching, bright white new growth, reminiscent of frost on a moonlight night. Older, inner foliage retains light tones this plant an overall whitish appearance. In winter the white foliage is blushed with pink. Globose and compact when young, 'Moon Frost' broadens and increases its growth rate with age, yet remains a reliable small dwarf plant. Zone 4, One gallon-$12.00

Tsuga canadensis 'Stockman's Dwarf'
'Stockman's Dwarf' is a unique miniature. The compact, nest-type, layered foliage is reminiscent of clouds. It has the dark green needle of hemlock and prefers growing in partial shade to full sun. Large one gallons-$12.00

Tsuga canadensis `Kelsey's Weeper'
A fast strong growing asymmetrical plant. Weeping branches keep spreading outward as it mounds over itself. - Zone: 4 Needs shade from afternoon sun. One quart-$6.00

Tsuga canadensis `White Fountain'
Another selection By Ed Woods, but named by Stanley & Sons Nursery. Plant flows upward and out in a dwarf upright form. Leaves all white. Needs shade. Plant grows 3 inches a year. New ! Zone: 4 One quart-$6.00

Tsuga diversifolia Japanese Hemlock
One of two indigenous hemlocks to Japan. The leaves dark green with silver on the back side. Branches also twist to show more of the silver. Upright habit. Makes a smallish shrub. 10 Year Dimensions: 8 ft. X 6 ft. PARTIAL SHADE Zone-5 Five inch-$10.00 One gallon-$14.00

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